Business Law



You will receive service from an experienced lawyer at Oyenubi Law. We will perform a search of names with respect to your preferred name for incorporation, and make such other investigations and inquiries as are required by law. Talk to us about the class structure of shares you want to create.  We are adept at preparing and putting together the required documentation for registration of a company. Let us help to put you on the safest path to start your business.

Corporate Law Services

When you need to organize or reorganize your corporation, prepare and complete your minute book documentation, By-Laws, resolutions of directors and shareholders, subscription for shares, setting up of all corporate registers and ledgers including the Directors' Register, Officers' Register, Shareholders' Register and Shareholders' Ledgers, call Oyenubi Law to take care of all your needs. Our corporate law experience is extensive.

Shareholder's Agreement

So, you are now incorporated and have issued shares of the corporation to your business partners or investors, what next? It is always prudent for shareholders to reduce into written form any arrangement that is reached to govern their relationship and the business affairs of the Corporation.   We do that too, so don't wait! Call today!!

Sale Or Purchase Of A Business

When you are considering selling or buying a business or business assets, let us help you with identifying and considering the full implications of what you are venturing into so that you don’t suffer any misunderstandings. Start with a letter of intent of a non-binding nature, including a  confidentiality agreement. We will put together a binding agreement of purchase and sale for you that contains definitive terms of what your legal rights and obligations are, as well as that of the other party or parties to your transaction. You can rely on our expertise to close your  transaction and complete all necessary transfer of ownership and conveyance documents.  

Commercial Law

We guide our clients through several other types of commercial transactions, including matters relating to the following:

  • Commercial leases
  • Sale of goods
  • Loan agreements and secured transactions
  • Partnership agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Franchises
  • International transactions

Costs For Incorporation - Download

Federal Incorporation_Estimate of costs (pdf)


Ontario Incorporation_Estimate of costs (pdf)