Matrimonial issues


Reconciliation First

Try reconciliation first.  You don't have to hire a divorce lawyer to help you with attempts at reconciliation with your spouse.

Separation Agreements

At Oyenubi Law, we would explain what your legal rights are, and what responsibilities you have when things fall apart in your marriage with no possibility for reconciling with your spouse.   After considering the options that you have, and carefully reviewing what might be an appropriate resolution of all issues, we can help you reduce your position into writing in the form of a separation agreement.

Division of Property

If you are married, you get to divide equally the value of all property accumulated over the course of the marriage, regardless of who owns it, except for inheritances.  If you are not married but in a common-law relationship, you keep what you own as there is no requirement for division of property, except a constructive trust claim is being made into the other spouse's property that you do not own.

Other Family Law Matters

You can contact us to talk about how we can help you to deal with child custody, child access, child support and spousal support issues.

Learn More

You can find out more about some of the law and applicable rules that govern matrimonial  issues in Ontario

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